Here you will see a little of what it looks like at First Presbyterian Church.
You’ll see that we are diverse in age, that we worship, eat, and play together, and you’ll be able to see a bit of what our building looks like.

But what you may not see – even in the lovely faces and candid photos – is the warm love we have for God which gets expressed in the way we live in our community of faith. When we gather on Sundays, and other occasions, we are genuinely glad to see each other whether you have been a member all your life or are worshiping here for the first time. We truly mean it when we say “With the love of Jesus Christ, First Presbyterian welcomes you just as you are – a child of God”.

I love how our worship and activities embrace and encourage spiritual growth through leadership, worship, fellowship, and compassionate outreach. I love how people here choose to have meaningful relationships with one another. I love that we are not perfect and that we welcome everyone without judgement.

Teri Elsbury

“I love my church because we are a very welcoming, caring congregation. We have a variety of activities during the week involving young and not-so-young. We are community minded. I get my battery recharged by being a part of this congregation.”

Gwen Smith