Bob White Windows

Bob White was selected to design and create fused glass that would be placed in the window apertures of the church sanctuary. White began the project in 1971 and completed it in 1982. In all of the windows, there are 1,408 individual fusions of glass, 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches and 3/4 inch thick.

The creation (God) window is based on the first chapter of Genesis, he story of creation. The artist depicts the biblical story using contemporary imagery based on scientific knowledge of the Earth and the universe.

Creation Window

The lower two-thirds of the window is a representation of the creation of the Earth: the production of light, the establishment of day and night, the division of the seas and the dry land and the appearance of plant, marine, bird, and animal life.

The upper one-third of the window is imagery of the creation of the heavens and and the making of the sun, moon, and stars. Dominating the window from the top through the Earth’s surface is a harmony of abstract light. White described it as “that Divine Mystery which is the Mystery of Life and the center, the heart and the soul of the Creator”.

The Messiah Windows are the link between the Creation (God) window in the chancel and the Apocalypse (Man) window above the choir loft. The illuminated manuscript design is based on Handel’s Messiah oratorio. The scriptural texts and designs are intended to interpret the oratorio’s musical color and feeling through changes in size and color. The symbols are ancient and medieval Christian symbols. There are five views of Jesus’ face reflecting different ethnicities.

The Apocalypse (Man) window is based on the Book of Revelation, which interprets the history and hope of humankind. It presents the age-old questions of man and affirms the presence and power of God. The window raises those same human questions and affirms that same divine presence and power.

At the top of the window images are the Messianic Rose and the Star of Hope, symbols of aspiration and hope that point to Christ as the ultimate answer, a light shining in the darkness.

Bob White called the windows “a Bible, told in colored light – a song, a hymn of faith”.